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Last week we held our day of thanks to our employees.

During the party, a BBQ specially prepared for them, was available in the garden.

The exceptional quality of care and services provided at Château Westmount can only be explained in one way… We are fortunate to have the best and most dedicated employees. Everyone who works here cares about the health and well-being of our residents.

“There is no limit to the recognition we can express and the thanks we can give.” – Norman Rickard

It’s finally here. Our long-awaited BBQ season is launching this Saturday!

This season BBQs will be held every second Monday except for this Saturday (24th) and for Canada Day (July 1st).

With the end of COVID precautionary measures, we invited back the families to join our residents at these events.

The prices will be 40.00$ for an adult and 20.00$ for children.

Tag Archive for: BBQ

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