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A Hallmark of Professional Care

Since 1990, Château Westmount has offered permanent accommodation and assistance services to adults with physical or cognitive loss of autonomy.

Simply put, the quality and extent of services offered at Château Westmount is unparalleled. We wanted to make sure we could get our mother the best possible care, and this is where we found it.

— Harry Rosenstein, son of Château Westmount resident

Dissatisfaction Survey

The range of services offered at Château Westmount is by far the widest we’ve found in all our research. Whatever your parent or family member needs, they’ll find it here.

— Maria Bloom, daughter of a Château Westmount resident

Formal Complaints

If you would like to submit a dissatisfaction comment online, please visit the CIUSSS website linked below.

In accordance with the Act respecting health services and social services (R.S.Q., c. S-4.2 [hereinafter LSSSS]), the user has the right to file a complaint based on the services he or she has received, should have received, is receiving and requires from the institution where he or she is housed (LSSSS, art. 34, 44, 53, 60, 73).

CHSLD Château Westmount ensures that users can express their complaints in accordance with the law and has adopted a “Policy for the management of residents’ complaints”, which provides orientations and guides the actions to be taken. Information pamphlets are available in several locations throughout the institution.

The process to be followed is intended to establish the implementation of functions related to the examination of the complaint a user or their representative wish to make.


1. If the resident is dissatisfied:

The resident is advised to proceed in stages to discuss his or her dissatisfaction:

  • With the president of the Users’ Committee to get support and assistance.
  • With the person involved. If this does not work…
  • With the head of the department concerned. If this does not work…
  • If this proves difficult, or if the result is inconclusive, a verbal or written complaint may be forwarded to the CIUSSS Service Quality and Complaints Commissioner.

2. Complaint process

The resident or their legal representative may file a complaint with the complaints and service quality commissioner of the CIUSSS du Centre-Ouest-de-l’Île-de-Montréal:

§ Verbally by calling 514 514 340-8222, extension 24222.
§ In writing, at

3. Assistance employees provide to the resident

All employees must provide residents with information allowing them to easily reach the complaints and service quality commissioner.

4. Assistance to the resident

The service quality and complaints commissioner of the CIUSSS du Centre-Ouest de l’Île de Montréal has the following responsibilities with regard to the user (resident):

  • Inform the user of the possibility of obtaining assistance or accompaniment to formulate their complaint or with any procedure related to it.
  • In particular:
    • By any person of their choice: relative, friend or other
    • The CHSDL Château Westmount Residents’ Committee
    • CAAP-Île de Montréal
  • Provide any information related to the application of the complaints review process. In addition, the commissioner shall inform the person of the protection afforded under the Act regarding health and social services (LSSSS) to any person who cooperates in the review of a complaint.
  • Acknowledge receipt of the complaint, if the user so wishes, stating that the review results will be completed within 45 days of the complaint being filed. However, if additional time is required, the resident will be contacted and informed of this.
  • Call any person to a meeting and ask them to provide any information they feel may be useful to review of the complaint. That person is required to follow through, barring a valid excuse.
  • Forward conclusions of the review to the resident who filed the complaint within 45 days of the complaint’s receipt.
  • Provide, if applicable, recommendations and measures identified as forwarded to the interested parties.

User is dissatisfied

In the event that the user remains dissatisfied with one or more components of the complaints management process, including the conclusions of the review of recommendations by the complaints and quality of services commissioner, they may address the Ombudsman’s office to inquire further.

Québec Ombudsman’s Office in Montreal

Telephone: 514-873-2032

Unparalleled Care

Satisfaction Survey

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