Human Capital

The experienced staff of Château Westmount.

Our Team

We pride ourselves on having an impeccable group of expert managers and field specialists that together encompass a truly integrated professional service offer based on high-quality standards, unbreakable ethics, and dedicated collaboration.

Our Values

We go above and beyond. From exceptional quality and unrivaled safety to our commitment to integrity and respect, every need is taken care of.

Zara Pilian

General Manager

Mrs. Zara Pilian has been a manager in the private health sector for 24 years. She has the role and experience to manage the growth plan and reorganization of permanent and transitional residential living environments with the constant concern to offer high-quality care and services.

Mrs. Zara Pilian maintains close ties with the CIUSSS of the territory, which plays an essential role in relations with the Quebec health care system.

Her goal is to succeed in motivating, supporting the teams, negotiating better working conditions, as well as achieving positive results following the visits of Accreditation Canada,  as well as the ministerial visits, with a constant concern for the continuity of high performance, competence, transparency, and quality.

Poupak Sadeghi

Director of Nursing

Ms. Poupak Sadeghi, has held several positions at Chsld Château Westmount between 2011 and 2019. Bachelor’s degree graduate in nursing, her quality of care is a holistic and individualized approach which is at the heart of her daily practice. Her purpose is to invest in residents, their loved ones, and employees as well as to ensure a warm living environment despite institutional constraints. Ms. Sadeghi practices an “open door” management and invites residents and/or families to visit her when needed.

Tania Sarrazin

Head Nurse

Mrs. Sarrazin, head nurse of units 3 & 4, is delighted to be joining such a wonderfully devoted team at Chsld Château Westmount. Registered nurse clinician for 28 years, having worked in several different fields, Mrs. Sarrazin values the importance of a holistic approach which is essential for the wellbeing of our residents. She is an incredible team player whose main purpose is to provide the highest standard of care.

Élodie Allard

Administrative Assistant

A technical DEC in business management, Elodie Allard has built her experience in France. Energetic and experienced, proficient in client services, coordination, and case management. Adept at teamwork, she pays great attention to detail and has a strong sense of organization.

Jocelyn Pilon

Director of Technical Services

With more than 10 years of experience in the health sector, certified with beneficiary attendant training, Mr. Pilon’s specialization was directed towards hygiene-sanitation as a sector manager in a hospital environment.

Today, after 13 years at the CHSLD Château Westmount as Director of technical services, his role within the company is to plan, organize, and control activities related to housekeeping and maintenance. Mr. Pilon’s duties also include the responsibility for the emergency plan, participation in the infection prevention process, and building safety measures to eliminate the risk of accidents. In addition, he ensures the management of maintenance products and the quality of inventory.

Anastasia Roumbas

Clinical Nutritionist & Food Service Manager

Professional background in management and clinical nutrition in the health sector of long-term and short-term care, Ms. Roumbas has worked both in public and private fields. Her passion for nutrition, good food and the importance of providing quality service are values that inspire her as well as deepen the knowledge in her field. Member of the “Ordre des diététistes du Québec”, Member of the Board of Directors Of Queen Elizabeth Health Complex, speaker and recent guest on Radio Canada’s Épicerie program.

At CHSLD Château Westmount Ms. Roumbas’ role is to offer nutritional assessments and essential recommendations to improve and/or maintain the resident’s nutritional status. As a second term, she oversees the food service where she and her team aim for culinary pleasure, dishes and snacks that are balanced, nutritious and delicious. The living environment, social respect and culture of the residents are at the heart of all Ms Roumbas’ achievements.

Austin Ong

Occupational Therapist

As an Occupational Therapist, Austin Ong specializes in maintaining the autonomy of your loved ones so that they may continue participating in activities they find meaningful. The process starts with a comprehensive functional evaluation followed by individualized interventions such as adaptation to the physical environment, recommendations of technical & mobility aids, positioning tools, fall prevention strategies, orthotics, and task modifications. Sitting on the risk management and quality living environment committees, Mr. Ong also works closely with the interdisciplinary team to help promote a culture of safety and comfort for the residents.

Ivan Moravec


Ivan is an alumnus of Charles University of Prague. He started his career as a Physical Rehabilitation Therapist at St. Mary’s Hospital in Montreal, as a member of the task force mandated with the creation of the first Long Term Care Unit of its kind in Quebec.  St. Mary’s Hospital contracted Ivan’s services to CHSLD Chateau Westmount on a part-time basis until 2002, when he accepted full-time employment by Chateau Westmount, having become a registered member of “La Fédération des Kinésiologues du Québec”. Since then, Ivan has created a unique program of the individualized approach to the management of relative health in the context of chronically symptomatic conditions of Chateau Westmount clients. Since 2006, Ivan has taken on the role of a mentor and internship supervisor for the Kinesiology and Clinical Exercise Physiology programs of Concordia and McGill Universities. This partnership not only serves to advance the profession of Kinesiology in Quebec, but it also provides our clients with an added value of services enhanced by the input of the most current knowledge and trends directly from our prime institutions of learning and research.

Ethel Turgna

Occupational Therapist

Over 10 years of experience in the healthcare sector, trained as a beneficiary attendant at Gilmore College International and Shadd health & business centre. Mrs. Turgna’s academic career took a new direction in 2018 by obtaining her certification as a massage therapist at Kiné-Concept Institute. Since July 2021, she practices massage therapy at Château Westmount. As a massage therapist in a long-term care facility, Mrs. Turgna’s role is to relieve chronic pain and promote blood circulation, as well as lymphatic circulation. Ensure the reduction of stress and anxiety, promote the quality of sleep, and break the feeling of isolation in our residents.